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6KU Fixie Review – Aluminum Fixed Gear Single-Speed Urban Track Bike

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6KU Urban Track Bike Yellow Color


  • Great for cyclocross, commute, and recreation
  • BMX-like holds for enhanced guiding and comfort
  • 6KU makes their own bikes with excellent supervision and quality control
  • Hardened steel dropouts
  • 1 1/8-in compound fork combo


  • Requires assembly

Review Summary

No matter if you are in pursuit of a heavy-duty commuter or an entry-level ride, there’s a lot to appreciate about this 6KU model.

The bike is manufactured to take on any obstacle it might come across in an urban environment, and it bodes well when it comes to cyclocross as well. Considering that it’s a single-speed model, it’s somewhat different when compared to other models within the category.


  • TIRES – Kenda 700c 25-in

  • FRAME – Aluminum

  • WEIGHT – 18 to 22 lbs (depends on size)

  • BRAKES – Front and rear brakes

  • EXTRAS – Comes in ten colors
6KU  Urban Track Bike Auminum



The look of the bike ought to catch anyone’s attention. The frame obviously has a track design, with a slightly cast rear chainstay and flattened tubes.

No matter which color you choose, you’ll be getting a ride with a sleek look. The model doesn’t have those bold hues other rides come with on their rims and frames.

The frame is cast from 6061 aluminum alloy. It has quite a neat and stylish look, thanks to the smooth welds.

The model also comes with a 1 1/3-in alloy fork and stainless steel dropouts that allow for increased shock absorption on uneven terrain. The whole ride weighs between eighteen and twenty-two pounds, depending on the size.


The saddle resembles that of a race bike, to a certain degree. It features minimum padding and a sport-style design. The saddle also offers ideal coverage and is extra comfy.


The riser handlebar somewhat does ward of the track feel, but is still stylish, nevertheless. It allows you to sit a bit more upright, which ought to reduce stress on your back.

The handlebars come with soft, yet durable rubber grips that resemble does of a BMX. They make steering much easier and add to the overall comfort.


One of the most prominent components of the ride. It has a sealed cartridge rear hub that’s manufactured by Novatec. You can ride without a single worry on your mind as it’ll prevent moisture and dirt from getting inside. You can flip around the hub for freewheel rides, just like with most fixie bikes these days.

The rest of the drivetrain consists of a 3D forged alloy 46t crank, which utilizes a highly dynamic 46:16 gear ratio. The feature makes long rides a bit easier to endure as it gives the bicycle more top end speed.


The ride features both front and rear brakes, thus ensuring sufficient stopping power. When the circumstances are a bit tight, the brakes also provide easy speed control. They can easily be removed if you deem them insufficient or excessive.

6KU Brake Set


The wheelset on this cx bike is quite remarkable. It features 700cc 35c Kenda tires mounted on thirty-millimeter deep-V double wall alloy rims. The wheelset features a minimalistic tread design which allows for a better grip and a smooth cruise.

The Weight

The feathery feel of the ride makes maneuvering the ride a piece of cake. It depends on the sizing, but the bike weighs eighteen to twenty pounds (with the largest frame). With this one, you can genuinely feel like your getting the maximum out of the pedals.


The brand undoubtedly pulled off what they were going for. They managed to manufacturer a true fixie bike that’s fast and suitable for cyclocross as well. With this one, it’s indeed a pleasure to fly it down the road as it offers more speed and better handling.

The double brakes come highly appreciated. If you are all about fixie, then you’ll probably take them off, but they are great for all other purposes. It’s best not to take them off due to Urban Track’s remarkable speed capabilities.

road bike icon


When it comes to style, it’s a bike that very few models on the market can match. No matter which color you opt for, you’ll be getting a trendy track-like urban ride. However, there’s so much more to this bike than just looks.

It’s a model that can fly with the user having maximum control over it. It feels swift and rides even faster. The pedal efficiency and rhythm blend in with perfect harmony with the road.