Whenever you are riding, it is always recommended you wear a bike helmet. It will not make you indestructible, but the protection they offer justify the price. When choosing it, your main consideration should be fit, weight and ventilation, although, for some bikers, the design is also an important factor.


Protection is the main reason to wear a lid. There is a little difference between the desired features of a road or a mountain bike helmet. The both types are designed to protect your head from impact while being comfortable and lightweight.

In this article, we will write about the differences between two types of helmets and how to choose a bike helmet model that is well-suited for your needs.

Mountain Bike Helmet

Mountain bike and road bike helmets have a similar design, but there are some differences between them. The head coverage of the mountain bike lid has fewer vents.  It protects more the sides and the back of the head.

Ventilations come from the multiple exterior holes. Air flows directly into your head at the front. They are designed to ventilate well at a low speed and some of them feature full-face protection.

If you fall off the bike, you will land on rough terrain that is covered with stones, tree roots or branches and you could easily injure your head. So, it is crucial to wear a lid to avoid this. Wearing MTB lid will secure you from impact when you are biking on an uneven road.


Unlike the road helmets, these have a built-in visor. With this protection, you won’t need to wear sunglasses when cycling, because it will keep the glare of the sun away from your eyes and stop the raindrops getting in them. It is designed this way, so it won’t obstruct your vision even when your position on the bike is more upright.

This is crucial when you are on a rough terrain. If your vision is blocked, you could easily have an accident and injure yourself. Some mountain bike helmets feature integrated rear lights for making sure you see the road after dark.

On some helmets, the visor can be adjusted. This leaves you space to put your goggles. You can push them out of the way when climbing and pull them back again for the climb-down.

These lids are preferred by park riders and mountain bikers. Some of them have a Multi-Directional Impact Protection that helps reduce rotational brain injuries from the impact. So, with the right mountain bike and a proper helmet, you can cycle on the roughest terrain and don’t need to worry about your safety.

Road Helmet

Road helmets usually have more air vents than MTB lids, to enhance airflow when cycling. This is vital for keeping your head cool as temperature rises. Good ventilation brings benefits all year round.

These lids are designed to be lightweight and to offer protection and safety if you are in an accident. They don’t include a visor because it can limit your field of vision while cycling and when riding on the drops. It can also cause the extra resistance, which is a big waste for the pavement pounders.

To protect the eyes from the sun, most cyclists wear sunglasses. But, many road helmets include visor that is detachable, so you could use it if necessary. Most of them have an adjustable rear cradle for an extra fit.

Straps are designed to keep the lid in the place if you fall off the bike. So you need to make sure that you have adjusted it right. In addition to straps, most of the lids have an adjustable rear cradle for an extra fit.

They are preferred by roadie enthusiasts for their generous ventilation, aerodynamic design, and low weight. It will provide you unobstructed view when you are in aggressive riding position. Because of their specific design, they are a perfect addition to the good quality bike.

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A helmet is one of the most important cycling accessories. Your brain is a vulnerable organ, so providing a protection is always a good idea. It will protect you from impact and heat. If your lid is damaged, many suppliers will offer you a subsidized replacement within the first year of ownership, sometimes even two years. Once your helmet suffers a significant impact, you need to replace it immediately, even if you cannot see any damage. The structural integrity of the material the lid is made of may have been compromised.