A lot of people could argue on which are better, road or mountain bikes. It is not the quality of bikes that is in question; it is what you can do with those bikes. As the word says, a road bike is good for roads, smooth rides with no worries on your mind. On the other hand, a mountain bike is entirely different. It was designed for steep mountain and forest paths, and many think that it is quite better simply because of the view that one gets while riding through forests and around mountains.

Know the difference between a road and a mountain bike

There are some notions that road biking is far more popular than mountain biking. There are some distinct differences in the very design of these bikes and let us point the biggest ones out just so that others, who are not sure what to try first, know and acknowledge those differences before they make up their minds on which bike they want to try first. The mutual benefit of both road and mountain bikes is the obvious fact that you will get the chance to see very few cars depending on your path and the lesser cars you see, better for you.


A road bike was designed to give you a lot of speed. It was built for it. The lightweight design is just perfect for the smooth pavement. Mountain bikes are much better when you want to do the exact opposite and go off road into the dirt or gravel or mud. Carbon fibers, aluminum, titanium, all of these materials were made to absorb the impact and the vibration from the rough trail and make them tough. The accent goes on the suspension systems because they allow the wheels to absorb the vibration much better.


The most difference between road and mountain bikes can be seen on wheels. A road bike will use narrower tires without lugs, that will provide an adequate and tighter grip on the pavement which gains you more control. A mountain bike will use wider tires with raised lugs that are the best for loose soil. These tires provide a better grip and traction, securing the rider on hard terrains where road bikes would usually slip.

How to choose a bike

The most important thing that you need to take in the consideration is what you want to use your bike for. If you like to relax or ride your bike fast, then maybe a road bike would be perfect for you. Of course, you can ride a mountain bike on the road as well but, that way, you are not using its whole potential. But, if on the other hand, you want to drive across the mountainside or through the dirty forest paths, trails, and hills, a mountain bike would be the best for those intentions. Mountain bikes are the best for off-road just like the road bikes are the best for the pavement roads.

Road Bike VS Mountain Bike infographic

If you are looking for speed and you like pavement, the best choice for you would be a road bike. A mountain bike will never go as fast as a road bike but, you will never be able to ride comfortably on a road bike if you want to go off road and try yourself as an extreme cyclist, climbing and pedaling hills much easier. All of these things need to come into your consideration before you make your choice about which bike would be the most perfect for you. You can’t go wrong here.