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Tommaso Imola Road Bike Review

futuristic design…

tommaso imola review


  • Affordable
  • High-quality manufacture
  • Good shifting mechanism


  • Some people don’t like the seat quality
  • Can’t test-ride it as it is only available online

While a lot of people think most road bikes are the same, it’s certainly not the case with the Tommaso Imola. If you’re looking for something reliable and trustworthy, this particular model would be a great candidate. It has a ton of useful features, neat specifications, and an appealing futuristic design. Even though it’s an entry-level bike, it offers more than enough of performance and fun.

As with every other purchase, you should research the product first before deciding whether it’s worth investing in. This full review offers a detailed insight into the capabilities, quality, and overall usefulness of the Tommaso Imola. Take a look and see if it’s the bicycle you’re searching for.


  • FRAME – Aluminum

  • DRIVETRAIN – Shimano Claris 3x8

  • WEIGHT – 27 pounds

  • BRAKES – Tektro

  • BRAKE LEVERS – Shimano Sora

Tommaso Imola – The Basics

When it comes to all-around entry-level bikes, this particular one is near the top. Its high-quality frame and supreme engineering offer countless hours of fun, healthy, and most importantly – safe rides.

The Shimano Claris shifting system thrives when it comes to smooth gears and high precision.

One of the main trumps of this bicycle is its durability. The aluminum frame and handlebars are designed to work for years, even decades.

As you may know, aluminum is very light yet sufficiently sturdy and durable to withstand quite a beating, especially if you live in an area with bumpy roads.

The Features

This bike has a lot of useful features to offer. We have covered some of the most important ones.

The frame

One of the crucial parts of any high-quality bicycle is the frame. If it’s not designed properly, the whole bike is more or less worthless. The Tommaso Imola has a frame which is made of aluminum and SST steel. It’s a great combination of two high valued metals which results in a reliable and sturdy frame.

The main advantage of this particular frame is its weight. In fact, it’s one of the lighter bicycles in its price range.

The gears

Shimano drivetrains are always a pretty safe bet. It is a well-known and well-respected company in the cycling world, and they didn’t disappoint this time either. This bike features a 3x8 Shimano Claris groupset and a 30/39/50T crankset.

One of the things people notice right away with this model is the smoothness of shifting gears combined with high precision. The quality drivetrain offers consistent shifting regardless of the road conditions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a bumpy country road or a smooth highway – the shifter will perform the same in both situations.

Comfort and design

This particular model offers a great deal of comfort thanks to the modern design and a quality saddle. The WTB Volt saddle offers cushion where you need it most. People who are devoted cyclist and spend hours on their bikes on a daily basis pay special attention to comfort and smooth rides. If you’re one of those individuals, don’t hesitate to check the Tomasso Imola model out, you’ll find the level of convenience and enjoyment satisfactory.

Things we liked about it

The first thing you’ll immediately love about this bike is the design. It looks as if it’s ready to conquer any road in the world. The futuristic note makes it a pretty desirable model, to say the least. Its light weight is also one of its strongest points. And, as we already said, the smoothness of the shifters is at an enviable level.

One more thing most people pointed out is the elegance of this model. Although it’s a personal opinion and preference, we cannot deny the fact that it looks quite elegant and almost Bond-like.

Things we didn’t like about it

A lot of people said they had problems with the seat. It tends to deteriorate quickly, especially if you’re not thinking about protecting it from rough weather. While it can be considered as a pretty major drawback, it’s not a big deal at all. If you don’t like the seat on this bike, that’s easily solvable. You should either replace it with another one or take good care of it and maintain it in good condition. Both ways work, and bike seats are usually affordable so it shouldn’t damage your budget much if you decide to buy another one.

Considering it’s a high-end bike, the weight could be lower a bit. Even though 27 pounds doesn’t seem like a lot, it takes its toll after a few hundred miles.

What do people say about it?

People who bought this model have pretty good impressions about it. Some consider it a bit expensive, but it’s expected because it’s a high-end bike, regardless of the entry-level parameter. The overall versatility of this bicycle is the thing that’s responsible for the good impression among buyers.

Apart from being a good all-around bicycle, it’s also a great tool for your well-being and health. Thanks to the smooth Shimano shifters, you’re able to fine-tune the resistance of pedals to your personal preferences. Therefore, people who ride bikes with a goal of improving their health love the Tommaso Imola.

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Having a high-quality bicycle can greatly improve your health, shape, and mood. If you like to commute with a non-polluting vehicle, a road bicycle is your safest bet. You’ll get everything you need, and more. Even though this model has its shortcomings, the advantages make it a worthy investment.

Comfort and safety are the two main parameters we looked for in road bicycles that are available on the market at the moment. After some research, we’ve decided that Tommaso Imola poses an ideal solution for people who strive for safety and comfort. It’s light, comfy, and most importantly – it’s able to withstand different driving styles on various terrain. Take a moment and check it out, you might find it interesting.